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we are MDs, dentists, pharmacists, veterinarians who encounter outside of the load of the medicine work in most various spaces and exchange experiences. One target ist in front of the eyes: The development of the Higher Self.

Through this target people from all cultures and religions can meet freely and stimulate each other in their actual life tasks.


Docs seem to have talents over average.

This is our modern website for talents:

Because of a server crash the new website is still being enriched by entries of the OLD website which you of course can enjoy:


The MD, concert pianist and conductor Wolfgang Ellenberger has been elected president for lifetime.
Der Arzt, Pianist und Dirigent Wolfgang Ellenberger ist durch die Mitgliederversammlung als Präsident auf Lebenszeit gewählt worden.

as conductor or Mozart´s Magic Flute with the DWOC – Doctors World Opera Company




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