always actualized:
with world-wide LIVESTREAMS!

under the former name of the association “” we have experienced a lot of different events:

  • as on our picture Choral Symphony by Beethoven with German-American Doctors Orchestra, choruses and soloists with president Wolfgang Ellenberger at the piano and conducting.
  • an entire opera production with Mozart´s Magic Flute with the WOC-Docs | World Opera Company-Docs
  • chamber music events
  • sports events up to the with touch of olympic games
  • BIG events like with 25.000 medical students from all over Europe
  • piano master-classes for docs and of course also med students internationally in Heidelberg, Vienna, London
  • participation at the Doc-Music-Festival of Fiuggi in South Italy
  • several concert series with MusicDocs

In the future we will host:

  • theatre performances
  • art exhibitions
  • literature readings by Writing Physicians
  • dance events with DanceDocs
  • musical performances

If you have something for us, please write us