The building

The building

The visionary and president of the DoctorsDome association Wolfgang Ellenberger has the vision to create a 7-level parabol like building with rotating levels and as top level a dome-shaped cabrio-theatre for unique experiences of culture and encounter for everybody.



Under you will find a lot of forthbringing features:

  • Research
    • med students from the clinic and nearby universities will research for their thesises
    • the 7 SuperDocs will perform their own research
    • general research themes from DoctorsDome members or their students
  • Teaching
    • workshops of different kinds
    • piano master-classes for docs
    • literature sciences for the Writing Physicians
    • headquarters of the with elite piano class
    • hosting the alternative piano competition and other DocCompetitions
    • development of a matrix university (ultra-modern learning)
  • Sources
    • Writing Physicians library
    • literature about all religions for encounter on this level
    • archive with recordings of MusicDocs and other TalentDocs
    • publisher house DoctorsDome
    • little museum of DocTalents
    • art and other exhibitions
    • web (former


under the former name of the association “” we have experienced a lot of different events:

  • as on our picture Choral Symphony by Beethoven with German-American Doctors Orchestra, choruses and soloists with president Wolfgang Ellenberger at the piano and conducting.
  • an entire opera production with Mozart´s Magic Flute with the WOC-Docs | World Opera Company-Docs
  • chamber music events
  • sports events up to the with touch of olympic games
  • BIG events like with 25.000 medical students from all over Europe
  • piano master-classes for docs and of course also med students internationally in Heidelberg, Vienna, London
  • participation at the Doc-Music-Festival of Fiuggi in South Italy
  • several concert series with MusicDocs

In the future we will host:

  • theatre performances
  • art exhibitions
  • literature readings by Writing Physicians
  • dance events with DanceDocs
  • musical performances

If you have something for us, please write us



exclusively for health-care-professionals

We are in negotiations with a partner to realise an extraordinary concept EXCLUSIVELY for docs. The psychological transfer is much different for this group. The concept will be published as one of our departments under a different domain:

center for dynamic encounter – what does that mean?

DOCS: MDs – Medical Doctors, dentists, pharmacists and veterinarians tend to have a very busy life and even have various leisure activities, often even in a second profession.

We are an association offering network functions to enhance encounter in any extra-medical function and assist to improve life-work-balance for this target group of leading health care professionals.

Through this target people from all cultures and religions can meet freely and stimulate each other in their actual life tasks.

Our vision is an own building on the summit of a mountain in form of a DOME – which is the premordial form of encounter space.

In this building all three departments enhance docs in their life dynamic from re-establishing health through different types of events with other people until integrating our sources in their lives.